Students help shape the university

Apart from their own professional training, students are also active in various organisational areas at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. In this respect, they share part of the responsibility for the teaching and learning and the work of the university as a whole and are committed to innovation and development. The student body is a legally binding, federal entity which influences the university’s managerial tasks. With numerous independent initiatives, it contributes to the vibrancy of life on and around the campus and to the academic work.

Possibilities of formal student participation

The General Students’ Committee (German abbreviation: AStA)

Professorial Appointments Committees

Students Initiatives Organisation (DSi)

Faculty student councils and programme student councils

Faculty Councils

Research Committees

Budget Committees

Scientific Misconduct Investigation Committee

Course evaluation (German abbreviation: LVE)

Programme Advisory Councils

Examination Boards

Quality Circles


Senate Committees

The Studentenwerk: Administrative Council, Regional Council, Board of Directors

Course Committees

Students Parliament (German abbreviation: StuPa)

Scholarships Selection Committees

Study Quality Assessment Committee

Central Academic Board College

Central Academic Board Graduate School

Central Academic Board Professional School

Informal student participation: various formats

Leuphana Salon

Board of Governors Students Workshop

Dialogue: President – General Students’ Committee (AStA) / Students’ Parliament (StuPa) / Student Senators

President - StuPa Visits

Dialogue: Executive Vice-President (HVP) – General Students’ Committee (AStA) / Students’ Parliament (StuPa) / Student Senators