Academic freedom and social responsibility for the common good

Universität, Hochschule, Daniel Libeskind

Leuphana originated in 2006 from the unique opportunity to rethink a university. It is a foundation under public law and regarded to be a place for the desire to know, for ingenuity, for individual growth, and for public engagement. Advancing our academic mission is determined by three guiding ideas: Humanism, Sustainability and Application-Orientation.


Studying at Leuphana is organised in schools, which is still exceptional in Germany. College, Graduate School and Professional School provide the opportunity for individual and autonomous learning in an inspiring academic community. Our students are distinguished for their richness of interests, public engagement, and entrepreneurial activities.


Leuphana University’s collective achievement is gaining scientific knowledge with an awareness of social responsibility. Our main research is in Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship, with a special focus on Digitality. Leuphana’s range of faculties includes the only Faculty of Sustainability in Europe.


Leuphana's climate-neutral campus is an inspiring place for academic life. A milestone in the dynamic campus development is the new Central Building, inaugurated in 2017, which was designed by Daniel Libeskind together with Leuphana students.


Leuphana enjoys a network of numerous strategic cooperations. The most important international partners are the University of Glasgow, Arizona State University and the City University of Hong Kong. Leuphana cooperates regionally with the Helmholtz Centre for Materials and Coastal Research in Geesthacht and with the Hamburg Institute for Social Research.

Facts and Figures

Students and staff

  • Students enrolled: 9888 (winter term 18/19), College: 6065, Graduate School: 2628, Professional School: 1195
  • Professors: 161 (excluding visiting professors) (as of 31.12.2018)
  • Research assistants: 390 (as of 01.02.2019)
  • Scholarship holders: 130
  • Administrative and technical staff: 485 (as of 01.02.2019)


Degree Programmes