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The Faculty of Education at Leuphana addresses this need and focuses their educational research initiative on the area of heterogeneity. It concentrates on two lines of research:

Schools are currently undergoing a profound structural change and facing growing challenges in view of increasing social and individual heterogeneity. Up until now, research-based teacher training had thrown but scant light on this heterogeneity. There was no fully developed and scientifically documented approach in place treating the relationships between individual professionalism, social developments and dealing with heterogeneity, enabling a more advanced theory-based support of teaching practice or enabling the students to develop their individual skills profile.

The civil society of the 21st century requires a form of teacher-training which promotes individual students, allowing them to acquire relevant skills in dealing with heterogeneity. The point of the matter is not just heterogeneity within the student body and in the subject-didactic approaches, but rather at teaching staff and school system level.

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Research Projects

You can find an overview of the research projects carried out by the members of the Faculty of Education in our research database