Methodology Center

The Methodology Center is an inter-departmental facility at Leuphana University, whose focus is on disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching, research and handling of methodological issues. The objective of the Center is to provide support for students at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD, and beyond) with respect to education and training in methods.


Here you can find the current Newsletter.

For Students

Interested in learning a new research method? Looking for advice on the application of a particular method within the scope of your thesis work? At the Methodology Center, you’ve come to the right place.

For Teachers

The provision of excellent methodological training is our common goal. To this end, the team at the Methodology Center offers complementary and detailed assistance for the major and minor degree programmes. Truly diverse, this assistance covers a wide range of quantitative, qualitative, and inter- and transdisciplinary methods.

For those interested

At Leuphana’s Methodology Center issues of interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and “undisciplined” methodology and research take center stage. How do we do this?