Sustainable Chemistry Masters: Course Content

Mostly online-based, the Masters programme M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry allows high flexibility and is designed to match the schedule of full-time professionals. Clustered on-site sessions feature lectures, practical exercises and selected laboratory trainings, and provide opportunities for networking. In four semesters, you will attend modules on the following topics.

Theoretical modules

F1: Concepts of Sustainable Chemistry (5 CP)

F2: Environmental Chemistry (5 CP)

F3: Toxicology and Ecotoxicology (5 CP)

F4: Modelling of Chemical Properties and Fate (5 CP)

F5: Green Chemistry (5 CP)

F6: Sustainable Chemistry and Renewable Energy (5 CP)

F7: Benign by Design (5 CP)

F8: Resources, Recycling and Circular Economy (5 CP)

F9 Sustainability Assessment (5 CP)

F10: Law, International Regulations and Chemicals Management (5 CP)

F11: Business Models and Strategies (5 CP)

F12: Project Work Chemistry, Sustainability and the Agenda 2030 (10 CP)

Complementary modules

C1: Society and Responsibility (5 CP)

Masters Thesis

Masters Thesis (20 CP)

Contact & Advising