Legal training for the energy transition

Certificate course: Law of the Energy Transition

The programme is offered in the German language and is thus directed at prospective students with a good command of German. The programme’s German-language web pages provide detailed information needed on the content of the course and application procedures.

Do you want to learn about legal issues relating to the wide and complex field of the energy transition and energy law? You can do just that in just two semesters on our new certificate course, Law of the Energy Transition.

Energy industry business, administration and legal professionals can use this course to develop extensive expertise in areas such as environmental energy law, renewable energy and energy saving law, energy business law, nuclear law and related legal fields such as regulation and public commercial law.

The course also offers a taster of the Sustainability Law LL.M. programme. The certificate is worth a total of 15 credit points, which can be counted towards the LL.M. programme if you later opt to study for the degree.