Master Governance & Human Rights: FAQ

There are many questions you may have regarding the M.A. Governance and Human Rights. On the following website you can find the most frequent ones. If you do not find your questions here, you are welcome to contact us directly.


Where do the classroom sessions take place?

Are there any vacation times during the programme?

When do the classroom sessions take place?

Is it mandatory to attend the classroom sessions?

Do I get a residential permit as a student of the programme?

I did only obtain 180 ECTS in my Bachelor’s studies (or 3 years standard period of study), can I study the program?

Is there an age limit for the programme?

How long does the programme last?

What kind of examinations are there?

Is there accommodation provided during the classroom session?


Who is eligible for the programme?

What does it mean to have “English language skills on a sophisticated level”?

How does the programme deal with time differences and differing working days?

What is the application deadline?

How do you apply for the Masters Governance and Human Rights?

When will I be notified about admission?

What do I have to do after I am admitted to the programme?

Do I need to have professional experience for the programme?

How does the application process look like?


How do the online sessions of the programme take place?

What language is the programme in?

Why is there a project module?


What kind of fees are there?

Is it possible to pay the tuition fees by instalments?

Is there an application fee?

How can I find scholarships?

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