LL.M. Competition & Regulation: FAQ

What prospects does an LL.M. offer? How much time will I need to invest in the professional programme, and how difficult will the business aspects of the LL.M. be for me as a legal professional?  These pages answers all these and other questions about the Competition and Regulation LL.M. at Leuphana Professional School.

Professional perspectives

What are the career prospects after completion of the LL.M. Competition and Regulation?

Why should I seek further professional qualifications as a legal practitioner?


How difficult is the economic part of the studies?

Why is the LL.M. in English?

Organisation of the studies

How much time will the LL.M. blended-learning programme involve?

Will I receive technical support with the LL.M.?

How long are the intensive study phases lasting?

Application and admission

How do you apply for the LL.M. Competition and Regulation?

Tuition fees and funding

Why are the tuition fees so high?

Contact & Advising