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The Arts and Cultural Management Masters to be run by the Professional School and the Goethe-Institut from 2018 is an innovative new English-language, professional, distance-learning cultural management programme that will train cultural professionals from all over the world to deal with transformation processes in the culture sector. Comprehensive international cultural management with a key focus on the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary combination of cultural and business studies is at the centre of the programme. You will look at the risks posed and opportunities offered by current developments such as demographic change, digitisation and globalisation in relation to cultural institutions, and develop long-term strategies to make your organisation fit for the future.

Upcoming dates: 31 January 2020: Application deadline for certificates // 13 March 2020: Online information event // 6 May 2020: Online information event // 31 May 2020: Application deadline // 27 June 2020: Information Day


Over the course of your cultural management degree, you will study the operation of cultural institutions, and various players and stakeholders on the culture market. The programme covers different factors and environments affecting applied cultural management in an international context. You will explore issues such as

  • Social, political and cultural transformation processes
  • Management and finance
  • Culture marketing; communication and branding
  • Organisational development
  • Audience development
  • International partnerships
  • Market and business analysis
  • Reception of culture and cultural theory
  • Law in cultural organisations
  • Sustainability and social responsibility
  • Culture policy

A wealth of choice: the programme to meet your needs

We offer various versions of the Arts and Cultural Management Masters to meet your specific professional development needs. You can take a 4-semester course worth a total of 90 credit points or a 3-semester course worth a total of 60 credit points, and choose from a range of mandatory electives. The curriculum includes a total of three certificates, and you can also study for these individually.

Detailed information on the course options and modules can be found on the Course content page.

Distance-learning cultural management programme with a focus on international practice

A key aspect of the Cultural Management Masters is honing your practical skills. That is why case studies and projects in which you develop solutions to real scenarios in global practice are an integral part of the programme. This practical aspect also gives you the opportunity to raise and explore problems from your everyday work. Students are therefore not just learners: you are an expert in your own institutional and cultural environment and share your knowledge of practice with others on the course.

Discussions, group work and interdisciplinary projects further promote the exchange of knowledge, and teaching staff with experience in international roles and experienced culture managers from the Goethe-Institut will provide valuable practical insights.

A wealth of cultural management expertise for your professional development

The Arts and Cultural Management course is run by the Leuphana Professional School in close collaboration with the Goethe-Institut. The Goethe-Institut is Germany’s global cultural institute and has extensive expertise in the field of cultural management. It has a role both in programme development and in teaching on the Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Management. This ensures the programme’s strong link to practice, in particular as regards the many different contexts in which cultural management operates globally.

Logo des Goethe-Instituts, Kooperationspartner der Leuphana Professional School beim Master Arts and Cultural Management
Developed by the Leuphana Professional School in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut
Professional Masters programme Arts and Cultural Management

New career prospects with additional expertise at the interface of culture and management

The interdisciplinary Cultural Management Masters is an opportunity to add an understanding of management and a detailed knowledge of market processes and strategic management to your cultural studies qualifications.

A Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Management

  • qualifies you for key management roles in the broad culture sector
  • enables you to secure and develop smaller and non-subsidised cultural institutions in particular with creative, sustainable solutions that reflect institutions’ artistic direction and goals and national particularities
  • enables you to identify, control and develop business processes in cultural organisations and adapt them to market processes and audiences
  • gives you an in-depth understanding of the specific dynamics of the culture market and the internal structures of a range of cultural organisations
  • teaches you the effective and targeted application of scientific methods, for example market and resources analyses
  • develops your practical skills, in particular in the establishment and development of cultural organisations

Admission requirements and application

At whom is the online distance-learning Masters in Arts and Cultural Management aimed?

The Cultural Management Masters is aimed at candidates with practical experience from the culture sector, for example as part of organisations or as independent artistic and cultural players; at candidates who want to develop their expertise in cultural management, learn how to deal sustainably with current opportunities and challenges in cultural management, and actively drive forward their careers by building up their academic profile. Applicants should already hold a relevant undergraduate degree and provide proof of proficiency in English.

Detailed information on the admission requirements and application process can be found on the Applications page.

How does the application process work?

Applications for the Arts and Cultural Management Masters can be submitted online at any time up to 31 May each year. Our online application system allows you to complete your application simply and easily online and upload any accompanying documents. You can also save your draft application for completion later. Once the deadline has passed, all documents are reviewed and the admissions process starts. You will be notified by mid-July of whether or not you have been accepted.

You can also start by taking a certificate programme with the option of continuing to the Masters.

For more information on admissions requirements, necessary documents and the admissions process, please see the Application page.

Course of study: Study for a Master of Arts in Cultural Management while working

The distance-learning Arts and Cultural Management (M.A.) course includes a total of two block seminars in Lüneburg but otherwise runs online. This means that you will prepare and review content by working through course material and using online learning tools such as Webinars. Live online sessions will be scheduled in line with students’ time zones so that are all able to take part. This will allow you effectively to combine university with professional life in your home country.

An e-tutor and the programme coordinator will be available to help during the online blocks.

Costs and Funding

Why are tuition fees charged for the professional Arts and Cultural Management Masters?

What are the fees for the Arts and Cultural Management Masters?

Is funding available?

At a glance

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Credit Points: 2 variants (60 and 90 CP)
Length of Study: 3 or 4 terms extra-occupational
Language: English
Study Places: 40
Start Date: September
Application Deadline: May 31
Costs: 6'900 Euro (60 CP variant) or 8'900 Euro (90 CP variant) plus the current term contribution of 200 Euro per term
Programme Directors: Prof. Dr. Sigrid Bekmeier-Feuerhahn, Prof. Dr. Volker Kirchberg

Great reasons to choose the Arts and Cultural Management Masters

Innovative, applied cultural management course – Leads to a professional Masters degree in 3 or 4 semesters with just 2 block seminars – Strong partner: the Goethe-Institut provides comprehensive expertise in international cultural management – Exchange with fellow students from around the world – Global network – Free and expert advice – Distance learning for maximum flexibility in your learning schedule and location and for combining work and study – Network of lecturers with international experience in research and practice

Resources and events for prospective students

Are you considering the professional Masters Arts and Cultural Management and would like to find out more? Why not take advantage of our wide range of information and advisory events and services:

  • Information days: Twice a year, the Professional School information day showcases the Masters programmes for prospective students. Next information day: 27 June 2020 - find out more
  • Online information event: Find out more about the Masters from the comfort of your home and get answers to your questions in our information webinar. Next events: March 13 and May 6 2020 - register here. You can also have a look at the recording from our last online information session.
  • Request material: We are happy to send you information material on request. Request material here
  • Individual consultation and application check: Many questions are best resolved in a personal consultation. To set up your appointment, please contact the programme coordinator, Christian Holst (, phone +49.4131.677-2534). The consultation is also an opportunity to have your application checked and ask any questions about the recognition of credits.
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This programme received external accreditation by the FIBAA.

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