Earning additional credits towards the Master’s degree

The CP-Delta: Your path to the Master's degree

The legal guidelines for earning a Master’s degree require you to demonstrate that you have earned a total of 300 credit points during your Bachelor and Masters degree programmes. Students sometimes carry only 180 or 210 from their Bachelor degree and then earn 60 or 90 credit points in their professional Masters programme. In some cases, a credit point gap emerges, the so-called CP-delta. This requires students to earn additional credit points before submitting their Master’s thesis.

There are two ways to make up your CP shortfall at the Professional School:

Further information regarding CP-delta: the learning agreement

The classes you want to take to make up your CP shortfall need to be agreed with the programme director beforehand in writing (in a “learning agreement”). The learning agreement can be modified over the course of the degree if both parties agree.

Additional CP or CP on the basis of recognised competencies/qualifications do not affect your final grade.

Recognition of professional qualifications

As well as taking additional classes, you can have your professional qualifications recognised (in the form of a general bridging module). You can acquire up to 30 ECTS in this way. We do not charge for the recognition procedure, which involves two steps:

  • Application for recognition
  • Structured interview

You can apply for recognition while studying and not just before the start of your course.

Important: Please check the recognition guidelines for your chosen Masters programme. The continuing education Masters programmes include Governance and Human Rights, Manufacturing Management, Performance Management, Prevention and Health Promotion, Social Management and Sustainability Management. The professional programmes are Auditing, Construction Law, Competition and Regulation, Corporate and Business Law, Sustainability Law, Tax Law and Business Engineering.

Taking classes to acquire additional CP

Alongside the modules on your programme, you can take general Professional School options and options from other programmes to acquire a total of 300 CP. A description of the current courses and modules that are open to you on your programme and other programmes and at the Professional School can be found in our CP guidelines. Below is also a list of the general options for making up your CP shortfall.

Expanded Masters thesis (up to 15 CP)

Project work (up to 10 CP)

Additional course work (either 5 or 10 CP each)

Case Studies (5 CPs each)

Certificate programme (up to 35 CPs)

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