Continuing education as an auditing student: Welcome to the open lecture hall!

Learning without being a student? It is possible, if you enroll in Leuphana University Lüneburg as an auditing student. If you want to expand your technical knowledge, check out a degree programme, or are interested in a specific topic, you can participate in classes from the university’s regular course offerings.

Weiterbildung als Gasthörer an der Leuphana: Gasthörerprogramm Offener Hörsaal

Every semester we will present you with a brochure describing the available selection in detail. You can choose from diverse course offerings: from German as a second language and digital media to art and literature to philosophy, environmental sciences, law and business management.

You can learn more here, join us at our informational events at the start of the semester, or try out our offerings with no obligation before registering. We look forward to meeting you!

At a Glance: Advantages for Auditing Students

  • a wide spectrum of course choices
  • no admissions requirements
  • easy access
  • learn from young people and like-minded people
  • expand your technical knowledge and  personal skills

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

What does participation in the auditing program cost?

Can I use the Campus WLAN as an auditing student?

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