Case Studies

Overcoming entrepreneurial challenges

Thanks to the Leuphana Case Studies, your enterprise profits from a new consultancy format by Leuphana Professional School. Instead of receiving consultancy services from external companies, the Leuphana Case Studies scheme enables you to use the wealth of knowledge of your company’s employees. The Case Studies Scheme is a tool used to construct tailor-made solutions for a selection of challenges, with which your enterprise is confronted. If, for example you want to strengthen your innovation potential, the Leuphana Case Studies are the perfect tool on offer for you. They enable you to tap into a pool of case studies which have proved themselves useful, and which were developed in cooperation with companies from the Lüneburg region. On request, this offer can also be tailored to your own business.

Leuphana Case Studies

Many companies are disappointed by external consulting firms, or they perceive them as very costly. Often there is also a fear that pre-built plans and concepts are merely transferred to various companies. With the Leuphana Case Studies, you have access to proven tools and develop individual solutions for your business with their help: thanks to a didactic concept developed by Leuphana experts, you learn to use the body of knowledge of your employees and to work out the solutions that are tailored to your business. So science and industry work hand in hand together to address your business challenges.

The Leuphana Case Studies are offered as e-learning components, so as to flexibly integrate the company's development into the everyday work schedule of your employees. Simultaneously, the e-learning team at Leuphana Professional School has experience in these matters, and can thus offer in-service training of employees flexibly on demand. We look forward to tackling the challenges of your business with the Leuphana Case Studies together with you.

Just ask us to find out more about our seminars and the contents of the case studies.