FAQs on Continuing Professional Development Studies leading to a Certificate

What is a Certificate programme and what makes it different from a CPD Bachelor's or Master’s degree? What admission requirements apply for higher education Certificates and do I have to take exams in the Certificate programme? You will find the answers to many questions about the Certificate studies in CPD mode at Leuphana Professional School of the University of Lüneburg.

Certificate as a form of study

What is a Certificate programme?

What are the advantages of a higher education Certificate?

What’s so special about a higher education Certificate?

Organisation of study

What does it mean to complete a Certificate at Leuphana?

Where are the attendance phases of the Certificate studies held?

Entry Requirements

What are the entry requirements for the Certificate studies?

Time spent on the studies

How much time do I have to spend on studying for a Certificate?

Which examinations will I have to take during the studies?

Tuition fees and funding

Why are Tuition Fees charged for the Certificate studies?

How can I fund the CPD Studies?

Further Questions

To whom can I turn if I have queries regarding the Certificate studies?