How can one evolve a thinking and acting of the archipelago – that is to say a place permeated by relations, temporalities, islands and the movement of water – with open borders?

The ArchipelagoLab at the Institute of Philosophy and Art Theory aims at developing new alliances, affinities and relationships between different scientific, artistic and activist practices. It is a space that can and should be used for several reasons. In that respect reading circles, film screenings, workshops, performances, lectures, fellowships, working groups and artists in residence are some of the things happening in the lab-space. Overall the conceives of itself as an in-between space at the intersection of contexts, discourses and points of inquiry, that, like the cultural studies, move at the edges of existing orders or disciplines. In order to address the complexity of culture (in the broadest sense of the term), the Lab bases its practice on shared experiences and urgent concerns in our present time in their involution beyond already-known territories or points of view.

  • How can we understand for instance political discourses as aesthetic modes of expressions?
  • How can artistic practices make abstract states of affairs perceivable and transform them?
  • Which modes of knowledge arise in collective practices of experimentation?
  • What is the role of sensuous materials, environmental and media conditions in experience?

Starting from these and further questions, the Lab wants to open up spaces for new alliances in thought and action, across existing institutions, places and practices. The space is open to all who want to work beyond established forms of academic convention, over longer periods or temporarily in collaborative formations. The form of organization is collective, open and based on affinity and desire –
there is no membership. Everyone is welcome to pass by, get involved or just hang out.

In regular but not too frequent intervals, we send a newsletter with our program, news, and event announcements. Please send an e-mail to in terms of subscribing to the list.