Organizing your doctorate

In the course of a doctorate, living conditions and other conditions under which the research was begun often change. Nevertheless, the time available for the paper is limited. This page provides a range of useful information to help you organise your doctorate effectively.

Completion of the doctorate

The date of the thesis defence is set by the Reviewers Committee. You should remember that added to the three-month review period to which the reviewers are regularly entitled is a four-week period for which the thesis is available in the dean's office to be read. In addition, delays can result due to possible holiday periods in the deans’ offices during semester breaks.

In the light of experience, your supervisor, the secretaries of the deans’ offices or the chairperson of the doctoral board can provide more detailed information on the process in the event of organisational questions regarding the date of the thesis defence.

For doctoral candidates just about to complete their thesis or who have just completed their thesis, thesis defence training is regularly offered via GradSkills. The event concept is workshop-orientated and in addition to the necessary input phases is to offer a lot of room for the participants’ own thesis defence preparation. The opportunity to take advantage of suggestions and feedback from a large group is to enable you to test the developed approaches in front of an audience and to familiarise yourself with the incalculable "question situation" of a thesis defence. The dates are announced via the GradSkills website.

Changes to personal details

Doctoral candidates are obligated to communicate changes to the details collected at enrolment without delay. Should your address or your name change, you must communicate this to the following institutions:

  • Student Services (by form, print out, sign, submit)
  • Dean’s office (by e-mail)

Please note that in the case of a name change, the Student Services and the dean’s office require the application and the name-change document.

Recognition of external courses

During your doctoral studies you may participate in external courses at other universities or at recognized research institutes (for example in the context of an international summer school) and render an appropriate assessment certification. For the purpose of the encouragement of mobility and internationalism, the Leuphana University is anxious to recognize such academic work, as long as it is at least comparable to the standards and requirements of the Leuphana doctoral study programme.
In order to get the approval of externally acquired credits you have to submit a request.

You have to submit the approved application to the Student Service.

Please note: Credits and examinations connected with a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme cannot be accredited to the doctoral courses.

Offerings of cooperation partner of the faculty of economics

Registration for the doctoral courses

You have to register for the doctoral courses via myStudy

Supervision agreement

Throughout your doctorate, you are supported by your supervisor, who was named as first reviewer by the doctoral board upon your admission. Your supervisor supports you on your way to becoming part of the scientific community.

To clarify mutual expectations and with the aim of making the supervision relationship transparent in terms of content and time, you reach a supervision agreement with your supervisor by the end of the first semester at the latest. This also serves to ensure the quality of the planning and implementation of your doctoral project.

In the supervision agreement, it is clarified in which form the supervision is administered.

Leave of absence

You can obtain leave of absence up to the end of the re-registration period - within one month after the start of lectures in exceptional cases - upon written application. 

Even during leave of absence, you remain a member of Leuphana University Lüneburg and maintain student status. However, you are not authorised to perform work and assessments in this time. Semesters spent on leave are not recognised as semesters of the programme.

In each degree programme, leave of absence is permitted for full semesters only and generally for a maximum of two consecutive semesters only. Leave of absence for the first semester of the programme and preceding semesters are NOT permitted!

Exception: leave of absence for 4 semesters
If you wish to be on leave of absence for more than four semesters during the duration of study of a degree programme, you must provide proof of an important reason. Important reasons are in particular:

  • health reasons,
  • period of study spent abroad,
  • completion of an internship provided for in the curriculum or in the Examination Regulations that is not part of the degree programme,
  • activity in academic or student organisations,
  • family reasons (e.g. pregnancy/child rearing).

Fees during leave of absence
Pursuant to section 1 and 3 of the Studentenwerk Regulations of 14/05/2014,  Leuphana University Lüneburg charges only the Studentenwerk contribution.

Under certain conditions, you can apply to the Studentenwerk for exemption from the Studentenwerk contributions. For information on this, please contact Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen, Munstermannskamp 3, Lüneburg, postcode 21335.

In the case of applications submitted later, the semester contribution that has already been paid is reimbursed only if the application is received by Student Services before or within one month after the start of lectures. In addition to the application, the student card, if already issued, including the semester ticket and all confirmation documents must have been received within the period indicated above.

Withdrawal of leave of absence
Leave of absence can be withdrawn up to one month after the start of lectures.


You will be granted the doctoral degree after the successful completion of an examination consisting of the doctoral thesis and its oral defense.

The final grade of your doctorate consists of the results of the doctoral thesis and its oral defense. The following grades may be awarded:

  • distinguished (summa cum laude; 0 to 0.5),
  • very good (magna cum laude; 0.6 to 1.5),
  • good (cum laude; 1.6 to 2.5),
  • satisfactory (rite, 2.6 to 3.5).

Binational doctorate (cotutelle procedure)

You will find information about binational doctorates on the pages of the International Office.

doctoral defence

Please find information about the doctoral defence in your doctoral regulation.

Printing costs

Content under construction.


For all questions on enrolment, please contact Leuphana’s Student Services.

Once you have been accepted, you need to complete the formal enrollment process at Student Services. You will find the deadline for enrollment in the documents that were sent to you with the acceptance letter. Generally, the deadline is 14 days after receipt of the documents.

Student Services is also responsible for administrative questions during your doctorate, especially questions on re-registration, leave of absence and de-registration as well as changes to your personal details, such as name or address changes.


If you do not wish to complete your doctorate at Leuphana University, please submit an application for de-registration without delay. Otherwise, you will be de-registered by the Student Services due to lack of re-registration. Send us your completed application for de-registration. Once you have successfully completed your doctorate, you will be automatically de-registered as of the date on which you passed the doctorate. In this case, de-registration at the end of the semester is possible only upon express application; due fees must have been paid accordingly without fail.

Programme Student Council Doctoral Programme

Reviewers' committee

The reviewers' committee assesses your thesis and your thesis defence. It consists of three members and is appointed upon delivery of your thesis and thus with the formal opening of your doctoral project by the doctoral board at the latest. There are certain formal criteria for the appointment of the reviewers’ committee and for its members. These include, for example:

  • The first reviewer (your supervisor) must come from the relevant field.
  • All members must be academics or scientists working and qualified in the general field of the thesis.
  • At least two members must be professors or assistant professors or have completed a habilitation.
  • At least one member of the reviewers’ committee must be a member of the faculty that grants you the doctoral title.

You will find further specifications regulated in your Doctoral Regulations.

Good Scientific Practice

Content under construction

Presentation of the doctoral project

In addition to the doctoral courses, all doctoral students present their dissertation project once in both the second and third year. These presentations are completed as part of the Subject-Specific Research Colloquium module in front of at least two supervisors from the respective doctoral research group.

The presentations are assessed by the supervisors; if the assessment is negative, the presentation can be repeated once. The certificate of the successful presentations of your dissertation project must be submitted to the Student Service.

Cumulative thesis

In a cumulative doctorate, the thesis is produced in the form of at least three academic articles or manuscripts as well as an accompanying paper. The accompanying paper assists in presenting the academic articles and manuscripts in the context of the research question. In a cumulative thesis, the quality requirements correspond to those also placed on a monograph thesis.

You will find the specific minimum standards for cumulative theses at Leuphana in the Doctoral Regulations. These are additionally specified by some faculties in guidelines on cumulative theses for the needs of the respective subjects and doctoral titles.

The decision for or against a cumulative thesis often depends on the subject and should be discussed by you with your supervisor.

Leuphana Card

The Leuphana Card combines the cafeteria card, the library card and the pay function for printouts and photocopies. It is available for any student.

Please find all information and FAQs at Leuphana Card

Doctoral research groups

You can find an overview and information about all existing doctoral research groups here.

doctoral board

The four fa­cul­ties are re­s­pon­si­ble for car­ry­ing out the doc­to­ral pro­ce­du­res. Each Fa­cul­ty ap­points for each doctorate a doctoral board, which

  • examines and approves the applications for admission,
  • identifies the suitable doctoral research group for each doctoral candidate.

Doctoral Regulations

The doctoral regulations form the legal basis of your doctoral project, please familiarize yourself thoroughly with them.

Doctoral Student Council

The members of the Doctoral Student Council (Promovierendenvertretung)  take part in meetings of faculty councils and the senate.

Doctoral students can contact the Doctoral Student Council via the following e-mail:

Faculty of Education Faculty of Humanities
and Social Sciences
Faculty of Sustainability Faculty of
Business and Economics

Simon Köhler (Spokesperson)

Franz Vergöhl


Greta Jasser

Hen­ri­ke Wehr­kamp
Anna-Eli­sa­beth Schmitz
Flo­ri­an von Stern
To­bi­as Rem­schel

Charlott Hübel

Sa­man­thi Lui­sa Sil­va
Si­mon Nor­ris

Jost Kovermann


Doctorate and children

In the equal opportunities office’s family service, you can obtain information on relevant questions regarding the compatibility of doctoral studies and family as well as on child supervision services. Here, you are helped to find solutions to difficult situations. For example, at the child daycare centre "Villa Milchzahn", up to eight children of Leuphana students or employees can be looked after by childminders.

The parent-child workroom – GradKids – in the Graduate School allows you to do short-term or limited-time work with the child at Campus z, without having to take the child to a childcare service. The room can be used both for individual-based work with a child/children and for group work, meetings and for consultation meetings with employees of the Graduate School. The key for the room can be collected at the office of the family service after prior registration.

Moreover, Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen manages two child daycare centres of its own at Leuphana. You can also receive support through the student project EliStu, which organises child supervision and also advises and connects studying parents.


Content under construction

Semester contribution

The contributions collected upon enrolment or re-registration (administrative charge, student contribution, Studentenwerk contribution) remain unaffected.

The individual standard programme duration extends by one semester for each two semester of a part-time degree programme. Tuition fees for long-term students would be collected later according to this regulation.

For doctoral students who receive a scholarship from public funds, there is a reduced semester contribution:

  • Studentenwerk contribution: 98.00 euros
  • Student contribution: 175.16 euros (semester ticket: € 158.16, including cultural ticket, StadtRad city bike hire, bike storage and € 17.00 contribution to student organisations)
  • Total: 273.16 euros

To claim the reduction, you must present proof of your scholarship to Student Services (copy of the scholarship award suffices here).

If the semester contribution arrives on Leuphana University Lüneburg’s account by the deadline, you are enrolled and later re-registered. By paying the contribution, you declare that you want to begin or continue your degree programme. The day on which payment is received on the university account counts, the so-called value date. Please ensure that the correct amount is transferred and that the reference is indicated correctly and in full. In the case of a re-registration, please indicate your matriculation number (7 digits) as a reference. If you are enrolling, you must provide your applicant number (9 digits). Your surname and first name follow afterwards in each case.


for a re-registration: 1234567, Smith, John  or

for an enrolment: 123456789, Smith, John.

Bank details of Leuphana University Lüneburg:


RecipientLeuphana Universität Lüneburg
IBANDE26 2505 0000 0199 9169 17
BankNorddeutsche Landesbank Hannover
  • Matriculation number (or applicant number)
  • Surname, First name

Ggf. deutschen Text zum Unterlagenversand übersetzen.

Ggf. deutschen Text unter Hinweis übersetzen

Semester ticket

Part of the semester contribution you transfer to the uni before the start of the semester is used to finance the semester ticket. All students and doctoral candidates receive this semester ticket along with their student card for use of the local public transport. It can be used for regional trains throughout Lower Saxony and buses in the Lüneburg administrative district. The routes from Lüneburg to Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen are also included.

Since April 2011, students have also been able to use Leuphana University Lüneburg’s semester ticket as a cultural ticket. Lüneburg students and doctoral students receive – against production of the semester ticket – a remaining ticket free of charge at the cultural institutions half an hour before the beginning of a performance. The offer currently includes free entry to more than 800 events per semester throughout Lüneburg. Participating institutions include the Lüneburg theatre and the churches of St. John, St. Michael and St. Nicholas with their concerts, as well as the theatre in e.novum, the East Prussian State Museum, the Kulturforum Lüneburg e.V. and the Literaturbüro Lüneburg e.V. Added to this are events by participating independent groups, such as BachChor Lüneburg, Halle für Kunst and Leuphana’s art space.

Replace student ID card

Content under construction.

Certificate of Attendance

Your participation in the taught doctoral modules is documented through QIS. Therefore, you have to register via myStudy for your requested doctoral courses. At the latest six month after the respective semester you can view via QIS for which modules your participation has already been certificated.

By participating in the four compulsory courses which are accompanying the doctoral programme you get a total of 25 credit points. You have to attend one course each in the modules Scientific Practice/Ethics, Philosophy of Science and Research Methods and two courses in the Subject-specific Research Colloquium. The modules will not be graded, at the end of each course or presentation you will receive 5 Credit.

When submitting your dissertation, you must prove that you have successfully completed all modules. To do this, you can generate a PDF with the compendium of all achievements in QIS via the navigation point "Exams Extract". You submit a printout of this together with your dissertation and other documents to your Dean's office.

Please note: Doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Sustainability submit these documents to the Student Service.

Extension of admission

The Doctoral Regulations provide for initial admission to the doctoral programme for four years. If you do not complete your doctorate within this period, the admission can be extended by one or more years. For this, you should submit an informal application to your doctoral board. Your application must also include a short justification of the extension and the approval of your supervisor. The dean’s office of your faculty receives the application and forwards it to the doctoral board responsible for you. Granting of the extension is confirmed to you in writing.

Publication of the thesis

After the successfull completition of the doctoral assessment process you have to publish your thesis.You will find the exact regulations for the publication of your thesis in your doctoral regulations.

Course catalogue

The course catalogue is published on myStudy, Leuphana University Lüneburg’s web-based service platform, four weeks prior to the start of lectures. The user guide on the homepage of myStudy explains to you how to set up a user account, create your timetable online or register for courses. It may be that some courses have a restricted number of participants. Therefore, make sure you look at the course catalogue for the coming semester in good time. As soon as you have registered in myStudy and have set "Doctoral programme (doctorate)" as your degree programme and your doctoral research group as your subject in your profile, you automatically receive the degree programme newsletter and/or information of the research group.

Handy hint

You can also use some functions on a mobile basis. For example, with the myStudy apps, you can always access your timetable quickly.