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Doctoral Research Groups

Dialogue and Advice

The doctoral commission assigns every doctoral candidate to one doctoral research group for the duration of his or her doctoral studies. The doctoral research group forms the academic framework for individual dissertation projects and provides candidates with communal advising and faculty support. Furthermore, the professors associated to the doctoral research group coordinate the "research methods" module and the disciplinary research colloquia where regular dialogues between advisors and candidates bring together related disciplines and independent fields. In the third and fifth semester, every presented doctoral project will be discussed and assessed by the advisors in the research group.

The doc­to­ral re­se­arch groups are groun­ded in four academic initiatives that re­pre­sent the re­se­arch strengths of the Leu­pha­na Uni­ver­si­ty of Lüne­burg: Edu­ca­ti­on, which also in­clu­des teacher trai­ning, Culture, Sustainability and Management Entrepreneurship.

Faculty of Education

Doctoral Research Group


Classroom Research Prof. Dr. Marc Kleinknecht
Literary, Arts and Music Studies Prof. Dr. Monika Schoop
Psychology and Self-Regulation Prof. Dr. Alexander Freund
Research on Professionalization and Professional Development Prof. Dr. Michael Besser
Social Pedagogy / Social Work Prof. Dr. Angelika Henschel

Faculty of Sustainability

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