The doctoral courses

Writing the dissertation is central to Leuphana's doctoral programme. Alongside the individual work, all doctoral candidates complete a total of four compulsory modules: Scientific Practice/Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Research Methods and Subject-Specific Research Colloquium.

In addition to the doctoral courses all doctoral candidates are obliged to present their research project in their second and third year.

Embedding the doctoral programme (Arbeitstitel)

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Contents of the modules

  • Scientific Practice/Ethics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Research Methods
  • Subject-Specific Research Colloquium

The three interdisciplinary modules Scientific Practice/Ethics, Philosophy of Science and Research Methods shall enable the doctoral students to classify their research proposal in the global context of science and to provide them with deepened methodological insights. The modules are offered as seminars, partly as compact courses. It is advisable to visit the first and second module in the course of the first year.

Subject-Specific Research Colloquium

This subject-specific module refers directly to your dissertation project. It will give you the opportunity to critically discuss your current research with other doctoral students of the same subject area – the best conditions for a purposeful and discourse-oriented work.