Support from the Start

We look forward to welcoming you as a doctoral candidate at the Leuphana Graduate School. For a first impression, please check the information on our website and our brochures and leaflets. To gain a prior impression of university life at Leuphana, we invite you to visit us on campus, for example on one of our information days. And if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Counselling Service

Prospective doctoral students as well as doctoral candidates can resolve their questions and considerations in a one-to-one appointment with the Student Counsellor. For example:

  • What are my objectives  for the doctoral studies?
  • How does my dissertation project fit in my life planning?
  • What are the regulations concerning the admission for the doctoral programme at the Leuphana Graduate School?
  • What are the contents of the doctoral programme?
  • What should I consider when defining my subject and developing my proposal?
  • How do I find a suitable advisor?
  • How can I manage my time effectively during my dissertation project?
  • What are appropriate communication strategies in case of conflicts?

Coaching for competence and career development

Apart from expert knowledge key competences are important for your scientific and professional success, for example when it comes to self-management, conceptual strength or teamwork. When deciding on your further career, it is useful to be able to assess your strong areas of expertise and where you might still have development needs.

We would like to support you in planning your career with a competence and career coaching. Target group of this coaching offer are enrolled doctoral students.

Coach: Barbara Nickels,certified psychologist, licensed KODE® trainer, Counselling Service Graduate School, Room C14.126.