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One of the great opportunities that comes with studying Digital Media at Leuphana University of Lüneburg is the chance to get two single degrees, one from Leuphana and one from the City University of Hong Kong. Established as an university in 1994, CityU now has 3 Colleges and 4 Schools, with one of them being the School of Creative Media in which Leuphana students get the chance to study for two years. The City University of Hong Kong is twice as big as Leuphana University of Lüneburg, with more than 20,000 students being enrolled in over 140 programmes.

Earn a second Bachelor Degree in Creative Media or New Media

Studying at CityU will allow you to complement the theoretical knowledge that you will have acquired in your first three semesters at Leuphana College by the two years of intense practical studies at the School of Creative Media.

A 3D multimedia theater, a production studio, and other sophisticated technological facilities allow you to develop new and deepen pre-existing skills when studying in West Kowloon, Hong Kong’s cultural hub.

At the City University of Hong Kong, you can study at the School of Creative Media for two years in order to earn a second degree.

Course Structure

The first three semesters of Digital Media will be studied at Leuphana College, followed by four semesters at CityU and one final semester at Leuphana. You will also choose a minor which you begin to study at Leuphana College and continue to study at CityU.

After eight semesters of studies you will therefore fulfill 50 percent of the graduation requirement of both programmes (Digital Media and Creative Media or New Media), and will thus receive two degrees, the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media from Leuphana University of Lüneburg and either the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media (BACM) or the Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media (BAS) from CityU.

Having both a national and international Bachelor will help you to apply to diverse Masters programmes as well as in your future job perspectives, especially on an international level.

Possible Combinations of Minors

* German-language minor can also be taken in English.

Unfortunately Popular Music Studies and Poltical Science can’t be studied in Hong Kong, therefore, you will not be able to choose those subjects as your Leuphana minor if you wish to go to Hong Kong.

Studying at City University of Hong Kong

Tuition fees


Living costs



You can only apply for the exchange programme with CityU at the end of the Leuphana Semester, your first semester at College.

To do so, you have to apply during the second round of exchange places of the International Office. This is when the call for applications for the cooperation with CityU will be added. You will then have to fill out the required forms and hand in a motivation letter as well as your transcript of records.

Furthermore, you will be expected to have successfully finished the first three semesters at Leuphana College by the time you are heading to Hong Kong in January (in order to start semester B at CityU).

Career prospects

Participating in the exchange programme will enable you to have an inter-cultural understanding of digital media and creative media in both Europe and Asia.

You will have a deep experience of living in a foreign country, will learn about and understand a foreign culture and university system.

This opportunity will allow you to have excellent career prospects in the media industry, both on a national and global level.

At a glance

Degrees awarded: Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) in Digital Media (Leuphana) & Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Creative Media (City University of Hong Kong) OR Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A.S.) in New Media (City University of Hong Kong)
Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)
Start of course: Winter semester (October) at Leuphana, Semester B (January) at City University of Hong Kong
Number of student places: 10
Language: English (no German required)
Admission restrictions: yes

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