Requirements for international applicants

With international university entrance certificate

If you would like to apply for a Bachelor programme at Leuphana College, you must first check whether you meet the requirements. Leuphana College accepts a wide range of diplomas from all over the world.

Check requirements

A university entrance qualification (Hoch­schul­zu­gangs­be­rech­ti­gung, HZB) is required in order to study at Leuphana College. The Hoch­schul­zu­gangs­be­rech­ti­gung is a degree that qualifies students for a course of study. With the help of the uni-assist database you can find out whether you are qualified to study in Germany without obligation and free of charge.

Recognised degrees

The following qualifications qualify you for a course of study and enable you to apply directly at Leuphana College:

A direct application is also possible with a preliminary review documentation (VPD) by uni-assist that has already been completed.

Language Proficiency

In addition to the university entrance qualification, you need sufficient language skills for the Bachelor degree at Leuphana College.